Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brown Sugar-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Little Smokies

Ok, for lack of a better title for this recipe, I'll just name them this. These were made by my sister, for a family get-together. They are very tasty, and they couldn't be any simpler to make. They go fast, so you will probably want to double the recipe.

Printable Recipe

1 pkg Hillshire Farms Beef Little Smokies (you can use any brand, and any flavor)
1 pound maple bacon (you can use any brand, and any flavor)
brown sugar (you'll get an even more molasses-y flavor if you use dark brown sugar)

Cut bacon in thirds, cross-wise and wrap a one-third slice around each little smokie and secure with a toothpick. Roll in brown sugar. Place in a baking dish, and bake 375 degrees for 45 minutes.


Bo said...

I'm digging anything rolled in brown sugar.

Beth said...

We make these all the time with OUT the toothpicks. If the bacon goes all the way around the smokie, there is no need for the toothpick. We just use a spoon to serve. My college freshman daughter asks for this everytime she comes home!

The Sugar Queen said...

That's good to know Beth, thanks for the tip!

Kay Heritage said...

I can't live without bacon! And these look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best appetizers ever!!!!!!