Thursday, February 24, 2011

Overnight French Toast Ham (and Cheese) Sandwiches

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These sandwiches are so easy to make and are pretty versatile as well. You can add cheese, sliced tomatoes, anything that you like! Make as many or as few of these as you need to.

4 slices bread
softened butter
thinly sliced ham (I use ham from the deli)
thinly sliced cheese, any kind, optional
2 or 3 eggs (I use about 1 egg per sandwich, adding one extra egg for every two sandwiches being made. Sometimes I use 2 eggs per sandwich, depending on the size of the bread slices)
2 to 3 tbsp milk (just eye-ball it, about 1 tbsp per egg)
a little salt

Butter one side of each slice of bread, like you would for a grilled cheese sandwich. Spray a baking dish with cooking spray. You don't want a lot of extra space between the sandwiches, so make sure you use a small enough baking dish. Place the bread buttered sides down, and place the sliced ham on top of the bread, and then top with the other slices of bread, buttered sides up. In a bowl, beat the eggs and milk and salt together and pour over the sandwiches. Cover the dish with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or for at least 8 hours. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees until browned, about 30 - 35 minutes. I usually flip the sandwiches over halfway through baking so they brown evenly on both sides. Serve with maple syrup.


Holly said...

Sounds yummy! Kinda like a monte cristo:)

Zoe said...

I wish I can this for my breakfast this morning.